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RV Rhodes

RV Rhodes Zip Tie Gun [Premium] - Tighten and Cut Plastic Nylon Cable Ties - Heavy Duty Cord Management - Die-Cast Steel Clean Cut - One Year Warranty - Black

RV Rhodes Zip Tie Gun [Premium] - Tighten and Cut Plastic Nylon Cable Ties - Heavy Duty Cord Management - Die-Cast Steel Clean Cut - One Year Warranty - Black

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Brand: RV Rhodes

Color: Black


  • [PROTECT YOUR HANDS] Tightening many zip ties puts strain on your fingers and can cause injury to your hands due to the repetitive and strained movement. A cable tie tension tool takes this stress for you. The heavy duty zip tie puller smoothly tightens as you squeeze the handle. And the built-in cable tie cutter removes zip tie end so you don't have to reach for more tools. This tool is also one-handed so you only have to use one hand for a job that would otherwise require two hands.
  • [WHAT IS A ZIP TIE GUN?] A zip tie gun, also called a cable tie gun or cable tie tool, is a tool used when you need to tie many zip ties. The tool will tighten the zip tie loop and then automatically cut off the end. It's a zip tie tensioner and zip tie cutter tool in one. The goal is to make it easy to tie large quantities of cable ties quickly by reducing the time and effort it takes for tensioning and cutting. Cable tie tools are also helpful for hard-to-reach spaces or uncomfortable angles.
  • [STOP MALFUNCTIONS] Many zip tie guns suffer from poor craftsmanship. Common complaints are that it's difficult to adjust the tension setting, the jaws let go of the zip tie, the cutter tool doesn't cut, and the trigger jams. The RV Rhodes Zip Tie Gun was designed to solve these issues. It has a different interior mechanism that is reliable and produces consist, tight and clean cuts. Used by thousands of hobbyists and professionals, it has become the best rated zip tie gun on Amazon.
  • [ONE YEAR WARRANTY] Still worried? The RV Rhodes Zip Tie Gun is backed by a full one year warranty, much longer than Amazon's 30 day return policy. Use the tool and if you have any issues in the next 365 days we will replace or refund your order in full. Simply contact the seller RV RHODES on Amazon with your order number and we will help you immediately.
  • [RV RHODES ADVANTAGE] The RV Rhodes Zip Tie Gun is one of the most ergonomic and durable cable tie tools available. Get high-quality repeatable tying results quickly and comfortably at different tension settings. Reduce the the force required on your hands and enjoy clean, safe cutting with minimal recoil, no maintenance and low effort.

Details: With the RV Rhodes Professional Cable Tie Gun, a one quick squeeze is all it takes to easily fasten and cut cable ties like a pro. Made from an all-metal construction and a lightweight aluminum alloy cover, use this durable gun on cables up to 1/4" wide. Has an adjustable tension so that ties aren't crimped too tightly and wires are cut cleanly, leaving no sharp edges.

EAN: 0748528271815

Package Dimensions: 7.6 x 5.4 x 1.1 inches

Binding: Electronics

Part Number: RV Rhodes Cable Tie Gun

model number: Cable Tie Gun

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