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ECHOGEAR Black Wall Brush Plate For Hiding Up To 8 Low Voltage Cables - Sturdy Brushes With Cable Catching Design - Ideal Cable Pass Through For Wall Mounted TVs

ECHOGEAR Black Wall Brush Plate For Hiding Up To 8 Low Voltage Cables - Sturdy Brushes With Cable Catching Design - Ideal Cable Pass Through For Wall Mounted TVs

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Color: Black


  • Brush plate wall cover hides up to 8 low voltage cables behind the wall. Top-notch brushes keep your cables in place & won't break off.
  • Easy to install, even for DIY rookies. Includes cutting template & simple manual that'll have you fired up to hide some cords. Just bring a drywall saw and screwdriver​ for a quick 30-minute install.
  • Use the included brackets to securely lock the brush plate onto your wall with a flush finish. Plus, you can install them anywhere, no existing wall box required.
  • Behind the brush plate is a cable catching mechanism that prevents your cables from falling into the wall. It's like Randy Moss is in the wall looking out for your cords.
  • Pairs well with wall-mounted TVs. Rectangle design fits inside TV mount wall plates for some real boss level cable management. Hit a snag? Our product nerds are available 7 days a week to help out.

Details: Ready for a bad Jay-Z reference? If you feelin' like hiding cords go and brush your cables off! I told you it was bad, but you get the point. Hiding cables in the wall doesn't have to be hard, and with brush plates, you get a sexy looking finish. After seeing your cord-free TV setup, all your friends will be asking for help. Charge them $100 each, and you'll have enough to get those spinning rims you've had your eye on since 2003. Finally! When they ask how you did it, here are some talking points: Fancy Brushes For Everyone There are alot of crappy brush plates out there. The brushes will break off and now you've got holes in your wall and no brushes to hold low voltage cables. That's where our upgraded brush plates come in. Not only can they hold up to 8 HDMI cables, but you don't have to worry about the brushes snapping off. Nothing keeps me awake at night like worrying about my wall brush plates. I'm seeing someone about it. Your Cables Are About To Get Mossed Once you've got the brush plates installed, it's time to pass some cables through. While you're doing this, it can be really easy to accidentally drop cords behind the wall. Nothing will bleep up your day more than fishing an ethernet wire out of the wall for 2 hours. Our brush plates come with a cable catching design that snags falling cords like a 1-handed Randy Moss TD grab, saving you from hours of frustration. Thanks Randy! Brackets Are In The Box Most brush plate kits don't include the drywall brackets. That means you're stuck using existing wall boxes or hunting down the right size at Menards where you're bound to get lost. Who designed that store anyway? This kit comes with brackets so you can put the plates exactly where you need them, even inside your TV mount wall plate. On top of that, you're guaranteed to have a flush finish, every time. Talk about a legit kit.

EAN: 0793795535306

Package Dimensions: 6.5 x 5.4 x 2.4 inches

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