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Cel-Fi GO Trucker | Mobile Cellular Signal Booster for Trucks, Semis and Long Distance Driving | Approved for use on All Major US Carriers

Cel-Fi GO Trucker | Mobile Cellular Signal Booster for Trucks, Semis and Long Distance Driving | Approved for use on All Major US Carriers

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Brand: Cel-Fi

Color: Cel-Fi GO TRUCKER


  • KEEP IN TOUCH WHILE ON THE MOVE: Vanishing bars and dropped calls just aren’t an option in today’s constantly-connected world, so let the Cel-Fi GO Trucker cell phone signal booster pick you up when signals get low. Banish choppy calls, unsent texts, sluggish streaming with Cel-Fi GO Trucker superior signal amplification.
  • THE BEST BOOST: The Cel-Fi GO Trucker cellular signal booster has everything you need to stay connected on the go. The smart signal booster mobile applications is the premium solution for multi-band on-the-road connectivity. Compatible with all smart devices on all major US carriers the Cel-Fi GO Trucker signal booster amplifies your specific signal without interference.
  • EASY INSTALL: Enhance your existing 3G and 4G LTE service with Cel-Fi GO Trucker signal booster in 5 easy steps. (1) Install the donor antenna, (2) then server antenna, (3) mount Cel-Fi GO, (4) connect donor and server antennas to the Cel-Fi unit, then (5) connect donor and server antennas to the Cel-Fi GO Trucker unit.
  • THE CEL-FI SOLUTION: The Cel-Fi GO Trucker cellular signal booster gets the best possible signal for YOU because it works exclusively with your carrier. The Cel-Fi GO Trucker singles out your carrier’s bands for the biggest gain and ensures that your signal isn’t held up in the traffic of other carriers. If you switch providers, you can update your preferences in a flash with the Cel-Fi WAVE app.
  • FCC APPROVED - With 100 dB max gain in stationary mode and 65 dB max gain in mobile mode, the Cel-Fi GO meets all FCC requirements and will not harm the carrier network. With 22dBm uplink power and 16 dBm downlink power, this carrier-grade solution will give up to 1000x stronger boost than other boosters, making it the most powerful solution on the market today.


Marine Cell phone signal booster for Verizon

Voice and data needs don't change on the road and sea, but cellular signals are destined to drop when you're away. Cel-Fi's Cel-Fi GO M Marine cell signal repeater keeps you connected on the move. With multi-user and multi-carrier support, plus easy carrier-switching through our Cel-Fi WAVE app, the Cel-Fi GO M cell signal booster for Marines spells the end of dropped calls, sluggish streaming, unsent text messages, and the dreaded buffer zone. The first to cater to the three top cellular carriers (Verizon, AT&T + T-Mobile and network MNVOs like Cricket Wireless), Cel-Fi GO M mobile phone signal booster allows Cel-Fi to hone in on your chosen provider for the best service on the go, it is network-safe, FCC-approved,and amplifies your multi-band cellular signal up to 70 dB with the award-winning Intelliboost signal processing. Tuning out the bands that you don't use, the Cel-Fi GO M signal booster for cell phone focuses exclusively on your carrier's signal, allowing for pristine voice and data, no matter where the road and sea take you. Filtering through bands and locking onto your carrier specific bands allows for a smooth, clarified signal that clears out the extra bands for crystal clear service everywhere you go. And if you choose to switch carriers, the Cel-Fi WAVE app makes updating a breeze.

A Verizon wireless phone booster for your Marine

The Cel-Fi GO M cell repeater's exclusive sea-specific antenna allows for strong amplification, with a rugged design to withstand harsh, NEMA 4-rated, lake-proof conditions including dust, cold, and water exposure for multiple users at once. Cel-Fi GO M cellular booster for Marines installation is easy, with a simple five-step process. And our Cel-Fi WAVE app makes it easy to monitor the strength of your signal and change your carrier if you choose to switch. The Cel-Fi GO M Verizon cell booster keeps you in touch with people no matter where you go.

EAN: 0752830737983

Package Dimensions: 30.0 x 10.0 x 5.0 inches

Binding: Wireless Phone Accessory

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