Are you doing your best to keep your family safe? How to improve your home security

Are you doing your best to keep your family safe? How to improve your home security

Home is where everyone should feel safe and protected. Your job is to make sure your domestic environment is harmless for everybody, especially for the elderly and for your kids. As you should know, they are the most likely to be involved in home accidents.

You usually wear seatbelts in your car and helmets on your bikes to keep yourself safe and protected. What about your family? Are you taking enough measures to keep them safe?

How to protect your kids at home?

Children are often unpredictable, their enthusiasm and curiosity can lead them not to perceive dangers around them, making them highly prone to home accidents. Keep in mind that every year, thousands of children are hurt or killed in home incidents. For this reason, they need a safe place to walk, run and play in tranquility.

Here are some tricks to run for cover and live more peacefully:

  • Secure your electric sockets with baby-safe outlets to prevent your children from poking anything inside of it.
  • Use magnetic locks and adjustable safety locks to childproof your closets and cabinets to keep your children away from dangerous items.
  • If your house has any stairs, find a good baby-gate and make sure it is properly installed.
  • Cover the corners of your furniture with edge covers.
  • To check your childproofing efforts, get down on your hands and knees in every room of your home to see things from a child's perspective.

Be aware that completely childproofing your home is impossible. For this reason, the best solution is to have a professional security system installed. This way, you will be able to monitor everything that happens at home.

How to protect the elderly at home?

Older people are the favorite victim of thieves and burglars. Other than that, the house itself can represent a danger for them because of walking difficulties and sensory impairment related to old age. Also, many accidents happen when the victim is home alone and therefore unable to call for help.

Here are some security advice to keep your old ones safe:

  • Remove any item that could cause further walking issues, such as rugs.
  • Equip their showers with non-slip security mats and support bars to maintain balance.
  • Equip them with a wearable SOS device for emergency management, so they can ask for immediate help in case of falling or breaking in.

All these tricks get more effective if paired with a professional security system: in this case, accidents will be automatically detected and reported to law enforcement.

How to protect your family at home?

The best and most effective solution to keep your house safe is to have installed a professional security system. There are many different systems available on the market.

Still, the best advice is to protect your home with a wireless alarm system paired with CCTV security cameras and dedicated software accessible from your smartphone. CCTV cameras can detect and record what's happening and convey the recordings directly to your phone.

You can also show your elderly and kids how to activate and deactivate the security system when they come or leave home.

Systems like this will guarantee you rapid emergency management and allow you to feel at peace even when you're not around, since you can always be aware of what your kids, your old parents, or your grandparents are doing and be sure they are safe and protected in each and every moment.

To protect the people you love, you better understand which vulnerabilities your house is hiding. This is why you should always consider a professional consultation or a custom solution to make sure you're doing your best to feel safer in your home.

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